HR Giger

Hans Rudi Giger riding his ghost train in his garden in Oerlikon. Switzerland, 1996.
Hans Rudi Giger riding his ghost train in his garden in Oerlikon, Switzerland, 1996.

Since childhood, Hans Rudi Giger had been fascinated by ghost trains. Those trains in the funfairs that whisk you away through frightening worlds, brushing past supernatural creatures, crashing through doors  revealing more unknown terrors. It seems that Giger had decided that his life would take that same hallucinatory track seen in his dreams, nightmares and premonitory visions of altered organisms and biomechanical monsters. He fathered Alien, who won him an Oscar, then pursued the delirious chase of his obsessional and visionary life’s work. Yesterday, Giger passed through another door, the one that frightens us the most. And it’s anybody’s guess where his runaway train will take him; but for having known him, I’m guessing that he’s full-steam ahead, holding on tight with a giant grin on his face.

Depuis l’enfance, Hans Rudi Giger était fasciné par les trains-fantômes des fêtes foraines, ceux qui nous font traverser des mondes effrayants, frôler des créatures surnaturelles, percuter des portes s'ouvrant sur des terreurs inconnues. Giger semblait avoir décidé que sa vie serait ce parcours halluciné à travers ses rêves, cauchemars et visions prémonitoires d’organismes altérés et de monstres biomécaniques. Il engendra Alien, qui lui valut un Oscar, et poursuivit la course délirante de son œuvre obsessionnelle et visionnaire. Hier, Giger a franchi une dernière porte, sans doute celle qui nous effraie le plus. Personne ne sait où l’entraîne à présent son train d’enfer, et, pour l’avoir un peu connu, je l'imagine s’y cramponnant avec un rictus jubilatoire.

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