By the Time I Get to Malmö

Pictures taken this week-end, by the time I got to Malmö. Sometimes, you have to leave to see clearly, gain some height, look elsewhere for that light. During these wanderings, to photograph is to reflect, to gaze inwardly, to better understand life and others. To be dazzled by the obvious. Just what I needed.

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On the road from Copenhagen to Malmö (drive-by shooting).
Leica in the windshield and Øresund bridge.
Helsingborgs seashore. Sweden, Sept.6th 2014.
Helsingborgs seashore.
In Malmö.
In front of Tjallamalla, Malmö.
In Västra Hamnen, Malmö.
Västra Hamnen, Turning Torso building, Malmö.
In Västra Hamnen, Malmö.
Västra Hamnen seashore, Malmö.
Leaving Malmö, where three love stories crossed.